Nomiya Maki Recital vol.2 ~Eleganceholic~

Nomiya Maki's 2nd recital is coming this spring, and it's titled "Eleganceholic"! The Japanese title is "Elegance chūdoku" which translates to "Elegance poisoning".

This time the musical director is Kikuchi Naruyoshi (Spank Happy, DCPRG), and like last year the stage is directed by Hayashi Makiko of Romantica!This year again should be in for a fantastic show!

Two songs from the show will be released in a special package at Tower Records only on February 6.

NOMIYA Maki recital Eleganceholic 野宮真貴リサイタル エレガンス中毒Nomiya Maki Recital vol.2 ~Elegance chūdoku~
野宮真貴リサイタル vol.2 ~エレガンス中毒~

Six performances from April 3 to 6
At Aoyama Spiral Hall (map)

Starring: Nomiya Maki
Directed by Hayashi Makiko (Romantica)
Music: Kikuchi Naruyoshi

Art direction (flyer, etc.): Shindo Mitsuo (C.T.P.P.)

4/3, 4/4, 4/5 soirée: starts at 19:00
4/5 matinée: starts at 14:00
4/6 matinée: starts at 13:00
4/6 soirée: starts at:17:30
(Doors open 30 minutes before start.)

Tickets: ¥7350 all seated, on sale January 26 at 10:00 (Pia 280-161, e+)

(From my experience last year, I can tell that the right thing was to hit Pia's site at 10:00 on ticket sale day, as I could get awesome 2nd row tickets!)

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