Nomiya Maki Recital vol.1 ~Joy~

Nomiya Maki will hold a first "recital" in March, directed by Romantica and with music by Richard Cameron (Arling & Cameron)! The show will include new songs written by Nomiya & Cameron, covers, songs from Maki's five solo albums, and some Pizzicato Five hits!

NOMIYA Maki Recital vol.1 "Joy"Nomiya Maki Recital vol.1 ~Joy~
Five performances from March 17 to March 20
At Aoyama Spiral Hall (map)

Starring: Nomiya Maki
Directed by Hayashi Makiko (Romantica)
Music: Richard Cameron

Guest: Kikuchi Naruyoshi (Spank Happy, DCPRG)

3/17, 18, 19: opens at 18:30, starts at 19:00
3/18 matinée: opens at 13:30, starts at 14:00
3/20 soirée: opens at 18:00, starts at 18:30

Tickets: ¥7350 all seated, on sale on February 3 (Pia (251-404), e+)

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Fantastic! Like they promised us 10 years ago!
("Arigato We Love You", remember?)
It should also lead to a new record, don't you agree?

Posted by Té¥o on

Richard hinted that there should be a CD or DVD release this year!

He even linked here when talking about "Joy"! :)

Posted by Patrick on

WOW! A new version of "Twiggy Twiggy"!
That sure is something GREAT to look forward to!

I'm also thrilled about that up-coming Easy Tune compilation. Hopefully it will also contain some bonus surpises! (Greedy me... ;-)

Posted by Té¥o on

The two songs "Joy (acid disco mix)" and "Twiggy Twiggy", both produced by Richard, can be sampled (hopefully) at MSN Japan.
Click the two first blue links in the text.

Posted by Patrick on

Thanks for the tip!
Too bad the links didn't work (until now...) I'll try again the next days.

Posted by Té¥o on

Actually they didn't work very well for me either. I think I ended up pasting these MMS links in Windows Media Player, and it worked.


(If can't get those Microsoft links to work, who will?)

Posted by Patrick on

Unfortunately; "the server is not responding"...

Posted by Té¥o on

Works here at this time. Try again.
Or maybe their server has bad connectivity from overseas (or from your country)... :(

Posted by Patrick on

It works for me and I am loving the snippet of Joy !! Can't wait for a whole new album !!! So far away and so envious right now... :-(

Posted by Mauro on

I'm not happy! Still "the server is not responding"... :-(
Guess I have to write note to Richard, maybe there are some promos left...

Posted by Té¥o on

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