Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro"

First released in 1981, Nomiya Maki's debut album as a new wave idol, "Pink no kokoro", is being reissued! The great album produced by Moonriders' Suzuki Keiichi, which includes "Twiggy Twiggy" (covered with Pizzicato Five in the 90's), will come as a 24-bit digital remaster in a two-pane cardboard jacket.
I personally love this album. Some favorites are "Motor Humming", "koi wa mizutama", "genbaku Rock", "Shampoo", "onna tomodachi"...

This release goes hand in hand with the just out Plastic Sex album, a 25th anniversary revival of the Plastics' featuring Maki.

Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro"
野宮真貴 「ピンクの心」

NOMIYA Maki "Pink no kokoro"1. onna tomodachi
2. Motor Humming
3. Hula Hoop Rumba
4. Shampoo
5. genbaku Rock
6. funenori janno
7. 17sai no kuchibeni
8. koi wa mizutama
9. bishōnen
10. ehon no naka no Christmas
11. Twiggy Twiggy
12. usagi to watashi
13. Pink no kokoro

SS Recordings SS-117
Out 8/25, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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Excellent album which wonderfully captures the era.

Looks like Nakanishi is re-releasing his early and rarely heard 1980s cassette-only solo album "Homework".

Posted by ndkent on

Yeah, the packaging for "Homework" is one of a kind and quite heavy.
These pictures compare the tape and the CD. The person wasn't able to put everything back in the box after having opened it. :)

I sampled it in store and while some tracks sure are great, I don't really care for the lo-finess (just my personal taste), but I'm not a collector.

Posted by Patrick on

Well yes, it is a home recording. It's facinating in context if you follow Nakanishi's early post-plastics work - like "Do You Like Japan", it's re-ordered reissues "Terimakashe" and "Shinjuku Bladerunner" and the unfinished Tamao Koeike album YMO was working on. You are right that it probably doesn't have the appeal of those more polished works.

He supposedly has a newer (CD-R?) "Homework II" that he only gives to friends.

Back to Maki Nomiya.
Do you happen to know anything about the Wolfgang Flür (YAMO, ex-Kraftwerk) song she recorded in 2000 with him - "On the Beam". Flür talked about recording it as the high note to end his autobiography with ("I was a Robot"). He doesn't go into when and if it was released.

Posted by ndkent on

Hm, I think I've once heard of a Kraftwerk-related track that wasn't released, but I don't have anymore details...

Posted by Patrick on

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