Nomiya Maki "Party People"

Nomiya Maki's next album "Party People" will be out in October. Seems like she's back on the major scene, on the Avex label Rhythm Zone, news that goes hand in hand with her September single with m-flo "Big Bang Romance". The major move can mean more singles, videos, DVDs..., so I think it's mostly good news. I sure am hopeful!

The album will feature Akagi Tadaharu (ex-Films), m-flo, Kikuchi Naruyoshi (Spank Happy), GTS, Takahashi Tooru, Teramoto Rieko (Transistor Glamour, T.V. Jesus, Oui Oui), Dimitri From Paris, p&art sasanoooha, Futon, Heigo Tani (Co-Fusion) and Yamo (formerly of Kraftwerk). (In alphabetical order)

NOMIYA Maki "Party People"The album is said to be an 80's revival and to feature many artists of Japan's club scene! There will be a limited edition tall size jacket designed by Ugawa Naohiro (who also designed the single "Big Bang Romance", of which the inside is a definite must-see!!), so don't wait too long.

Also: Nomiya Maki "Pink no kokoro"

Nomiya Maki "Party People"
野宮真貴 「Party People」

1. Party Girl
2. Big Bang Romance (with m-flo)
3. odoru "oshare techō"
4. I Was Made For Lovin' You (with Dimitri From Paris)
5. Yamate Line
6. Question Girl
7. Not Gonna Get Us (performed by Oui Oui)
8. Princess & Prince Of The Frog
9. High (with Kikuchi Naruyoshi)
10. Party People Mega-mix

Rhythm Zone RZCD-45258
Out 10/12, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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That 'I was made for lovin' you' with Dimitri From Paris might be the same track that appeared in a T-rex japanese tribute in 1998, if my memory is still working. It has a lovely 80's techno pop sound indeed... nice to have that song here, but I would have prefered some new material instead of an old song...

Also, I'm really interested in the song by Naruyoshi Kikochi...

Posted by Damian on

Oh, and by the way, is it true that Spank Happy are not together anymore????

Posted by Damian on

I hope the Dimitri track is at least a new mix. I haven't heard that 1998 one though.

As for Spank Happy, I'm not sure of the current status. They released "Vendôme, la sick kaiseki" at the end of 2003, but then the vocalist quit. Kikuchi-san continued to do shows though with a replacement lip-sync'er. I'm not sure what will happen next.

Posted by Patrick on

What a shame, I really liked all the last Spank Happy releases, specially the singles Angelic and International Klein Blue... Let's see if he finds a new glamorous singer, 'cause I love their music.

Oh, and for the Maki+Dimitri from Paris 1998 track 'I was made for lovin' you' I will upload to BM later this weekend so you can hear it!!


Posted by Damian on

Thanks! :)

Posted by Patrick on

Actually the original "I was made for lovin' you" was done by Kiss, not T. Rex ! We all know that Maki is a big Kiss fan, don't we ?

Posted by Mauro on

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