Nomiya Maki "Looker" (Download)

Nomiya Maki has a new 2-song single available on HearJapan and iTunes Japan from today! These two songs have been the theme of her on-going "Looker" tour. Maki's site says that Looker is actually the name of her new solo unit. Let's wish for more!

Nomiya Maki "Looker" (Download)
野宮真貴 「Looker」

1. The Looker
2. Looker Glitter

Gemmatika Records
Out now (7/6), ¥400
Sample/buy: Looker - Single - 野宮真貴, HearJapan

How to buy from iTunes Japan from overseas

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Its a shame I cant buy it throughiTunes Spain... :'(

Posted by Damian on

Yes... It's often that way unfortunately. Still it's possible to get an iTunes Japan music card, although it's a bit of trouble...

Posted by Patrick on

Oh, it's available at HearJapan! Get it there!
(like I should have too if I'd have noticed in time..!)

Posted by Patrick on

Thanks so much! I couls finally get the single at HearJapan!! So nice to have some new stuff from La Maki!!!

Posted by Damian on

Great! I'm glad you could hear them! I love these new tracks! :)

Posted by Patrick on

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