Nomiya Maki "Eleganceholic"

Nomiya Maki has a special Tower Records-only release coming in February 2008! The Japanese title translates to "Elegance poisoning" and it looks like the English title is going to be "Eleganceholic", it's also the title of her upcoming 2nd recital in April.

The package will contain 2 CDs, each containing only 2 songs. One CD is from the new recital, produced by musical director Kikuchi Naruyoshi (Spank Happy, DCPRG), and the second is from last year's recital "Joy" and produced by musical director Richard Cameron (Arling & Cameron). This very limited release will also contain the same pamphlet that was sold at the "Joy" recital.

NOMIYA Maki "Eleganceholic" 野宮真貴 「エレガンス中毒」 ("Elegance chūdoku")Nomiya Maki "Eleganceholic"
野宮真貴 「エレガンス中毒」
("Elegance chūdoku")

Disc 1: Eleganceholic
1. toshishita no otoko ~ 13 ans de différence
2. toshiue no otoko ~ 31 ans de différence

Disc 2: JOY
1. JOY -acid disco mix
2. Twiggy Twiggy -Richard Cameron re-make

Tower Records 2000000260945
Out 2008/2/6, ¥2858 (excl. tax)

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Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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