Nomiya Maki "Elegance chūdoku girigiri no onnatachi" (Book)

NOMIYA Maki / YUYAMA Reiko / SHINOZAKI Maki "Elegance chūdoku girigiri no onnatachi" (Book) 野宮真貴 / 湯山玲子 / 篠崎真紀 「エレガンス中毒ぎりぎりの女たち」Nomiya Maki has a new book coming, actually a hard copy of her popular "Tokyo Sex and the City" column on her web site (in the living room of her "château de la mode"). The monthly column consists of herself and two acolytes, Yuyama Reiko (creative director) and Shinozaki Maki (instructor), who receive a guest and chat about girly things. The title translates to "The girls on the borderline to elegance poisoning".

Featured guests are Yamazaki Senri (actress), Noguchi Mika (Peach John president), Raim (astrologist), Morimoto Yōko (fashion brand producer), Hayashi Maya (fashion model), Françoise Morechand (fashion writer), Takahashi Yasuko (stylist), Anno Moyoko (manga artist).

There will be talk shows and autograph sessions on Sunday February 24 at Tower Records Shibuya 1F (from 13:00) and Shinjuku 7F (19:00). It's free to attend the talk show, but to get an autograph you must have bought either the book or the Tower-only CD package "Eleganceholic" at the same shop.

Nomiya Maki "Elegance chūdoku girigiri no onnatachi" (Book)
野宮真貴 「エレガンス中毒ぎりぎりの女たち」
with Yuyama Reiko / Shinozaki Maki (湯山玲子 / 篠崎真紀)

ISBN: 978-4-90-078561-8
Out 2/23, ¥1800 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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