Nomiya Maki "Dress Code"

More info and the track list of the upcoming Nomiya Maki album "Dress Code" is now available!

The album is produced by Sunaga Tatsuo and the concept is "a Nomiya Maki dinner show". Aside from the original songs, the album contains some covers including Yuming "te no hira no Tokyo Tower" and Milton Nascimento "Bridges", and also a swing-jazz version of m-flo's "Cosmic Night Run" (appearing on their latest album featuring NOMIYA Maki and Crazy Ken Band). "A romantic and elegant album."

Track list
NOMIYA Maki "Dress Code"1. M no BLUES (Medley: reception, Les Girls, ichiban suki na mono)
2. te no hira no Tokyo Tower
3. Elegance Under War
4. utau "oshare techou"
5. entre act
6. Cosmic Night Run ~Night at Nomiya Maki Show~
7. mori no koibitotachi
8. Bridges
9. Mais do que valsa

Nomiya Maki "Dress Code" / 野宮真貴 「Dress Code」
Out 7/7, 2100yen (incl. tax)
Gemmatika/Mini RSCM-1002
Pre-order: Amazon, HMV, Tower Records

By the way, Maki has started her own Web shop, selling clothes of her own brand, mini she (also sold at Suffragette at La Forêt Harajuku) and also original artist goods. It ships only to Japan though.

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I think Miss Nomiya Maki is the most taleted singer, performer and designer in Asia. She is also incredibly sexy!

Posted by Martin on

She is such a sweet girl! please, another album soon!

Posted by Carlos on

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