Nomiya Maki/Fernanda Takai "Maki Takai No Jetlag"

Nomiya Maki (ex-Pizzicato Five) unites with Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai (Pato Fu) for a mini-album containing songs selected by the two. Included are a new original song by Maki called "Nagoya" with Japanese lyrics, P5's "A Message Song", Ishida Ayumi's "hitori ni shite ne", Pato Fu's "Saudade", and a live version of bossa nova "O Barquinho" also sung in Japanese (according to this Japanese article).

Although the two have performed shows together in both Brazil and Japan, here the music was recorded in Brazil while Maki recorded her vocals in Japan, and the whole mixed together. The whole is produced by John Ulhoa, Pato Fu's guitarist and husband of Fernanda.

Nomiya Maki/Fernanda Takai "Maki Takai No Jetlag"
野宮真貴/Fernanda Takai 「Maki Takai No Jetlag」

1. nagoya
2. hitori ni shite ne
3. saudade
4. Message Song
5. kobune (Live)

Taiyo TAIYO-0013
Out 10/20, ¥1429 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV, 野宮真貴 & フェルナンダ・タカイ - MAKI-TAKAI NO JETLAG - EP

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Good news....I love her music (Nomiya Maki)

Posted by Fanmakimaki ファンマキマキ on

Yes! Can't wait! :)

Posted by Patrick on

Wow! Just pre-ordered my copy from! Can't wait for more Maki stuff. It's been al least 5 years since her last album!

I wonder what happened with that material she recorded with Arling and Cameron...

Posted by Damian on

I went to a Maki / Takai concert here in Brazil a little over a year ago - totally mind-blowing. HUGE P5 fan here, I even got to meet Maki backstage, and got my INSTANT REPLAY cd autographed! Lucky bastard, me.

Posted by Thiago on

Indeed, I envy you!!

Posted by Patrick on

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