Natsuki Mari "sensō wa owatta"

Natsuki Mari's next album is completed and will be out in March. As always, it is produced by Konishi Yasuharu.

The title translates to "The war is over", and the album seems to accordingly contain a cover of Pizzicato Five's song of the same title ("La guerre est finie" from the self-titled 1999 album).

Readymade International will be taking direct pre-orders from 2/9, and will ship with a free bonus DVD!

A vinyl edition with one different track is also being released on 3/9.

There will be a live show at Ebisu Liquid Room on 3/8, one day before the release.

Natsuki Mari "sensō wa owatta"
夏木マリ 「戦争は終わった」

Natsuki Mari "sensō wa owatta"1. kanashimi
2. furui Europe de wa
3. yūwaku sarete suterarete
4. Alcohol
5. kirei na kao no onna
6. Thelonious Monk (CD-only track)
7. shinda otoko ga nokoshita mono wa
8. hitori
9. atashi no watashi
10. watashi ni wa kodomo ga inai
11. sensō wa owatta
12. kanashimi yo konnichi wa

Readymade International RMCA-1015
Out 3/9, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, includes bonus DVD), Amazon U.S., Readymade International (pre-order 2/9

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