Natsuki Mari "Linda Linda" (CD+DVD)

Natsuki Mari is to bring us a very unexpected cover of the Blue Hearts' "Linda Linda", a rocking "beat punk" anthem. This is nothing that you'd expect her to sing and it's hard to imagine what it will sound like. Will she make this song into a laid back arrangement, or will we see her jumping down from an amp? :) Only time will tell.
The B-side is the song "One Night Only" from the musical "Dreamgirls".

The single will be accompanied with a DVD containing a music video directed by herself, though there's also a regular version with just the CD.
Each version will have a limited edition digipak.

夏木マリ 「リンダリンダ」Natsuki Mari "Linda Linda" (CD+DVD)
夏木マリ 「リンダリンダ」

1. Linda Linda
2. kimi e -One Night Only-
3. Linda Linda (Instrumental)
4. kimi e -One Night Only- (Instrumental)

1. Linda Linda

Special edition (CD+DVD)
Avex Trax AVCD-31029/B
Out 5/16, ¥1890
Order: Amazon (15% off on pre-orders), HMV, Tower, Amazon U.S.

Regular edition (CD only)
Avex Trax AVCD-31030
Out 5/16, ¥1000 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Amazon U.S., 夏木マリ - リンダ リンダ - Single

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Does Konishi have something to do with this?

Posted by Damian on

Peut-être qu'elle va faire du body surfing ? Je l'aime bien cette femme !

Posted by Maxime Arsenault on

Damian, I don't think so, but I haven't seen any details about who's producing the track.

Maxime, hahaha :)

Posted by Patrick on

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