Natsuki Mari "Impression group collection"

This album from singer and actress Natsuki Mari consists of the whole of mini-albums "La Marie en Septembre" (1995) and "gorilla" (1996), her first collaborations with producer Konishi Yasuharu (ex-Pizzicato Five), as well as "inshōha" ("Impressionist", 1997) from her play of the same name.

Natsuki Mari "Impression group collection"
夏木マリ 「夏木マリ 印象派コレクション」

From "La Marie en Septembre"
1. blues
2. Les musiciens
3. my favorite things
4. L'homme qui j'aimais
5. Le Calmant
6. La Marie du port
From "gorilla"
7. all about me
8. gorilla
9. I'hotel
10. obsèques
11. cowboy
12. novembre
13. at the zoo
14. le bleu du ciel
From "inshōha"
15. recitation.1
16. Mask
17. recitation.2
18. Alabama Song
19. recitation.3
20. Tarantula

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