Nakatsuka Takeshi "hagane no onna - She's a steely woman"

Nakatsuka Takeshi has produced this jazzy soundtrack for TV series "hagane no onna", aired earlier this year on TV Asahi. This features members of quasimode and Tropical Jazz Big Band (aka nettai Jazz gakudan).

This has been released earlier on iTunes where all songs can be sampled.

Nakatsuka Takeshi "hagane no onna - She's a steely woman"
中塚武 「ハガネの女-She's a steely woman!-」

1. hagane no onna -She's a steely woman!-
2. HAGANE's Theme
3. Ready for Battle
4. Love's Theme
5. She's Running
6. The Silver Lining
7. Good Morning,Everyone
8. Classroom in the Twilight
9. Caution
10. Triste
11. Stop Making Sense pt.1
12. Mariko
13. Alone Again,Naturally
14. Classmates
15. Stop Making Sense pt.2
16. Honey
17. Unfathomableness
18. Big Problem
19. My Mom

Delicatessen Recordings DQC-582
Out 11/17, ¥2191 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , ハガネの女 -She's a steely woman!- - ハガネの女 -She's a steely woman!-
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

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Hope this will be available on iTunes Spain, like the last Takeshi's release! :)

Posted by Damian on

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