Nakatsuka Takeshi "Kiss & Ride Extended" (12")

A 12" EP containing extended versions of 6 tracks from Nakatsuka Takeshi's latest album "Kiss & Ride" has been released. This of course includes the great "Beautiful" song featuring Nomiya Maki!

Audio samples at Jet Set

NAKATSUKA Takeshi "Kiss & Ride Extended" (12")Nakatsuka Takeshi "Kiss & Ride Extended" (12")
中塚武 「Kiss & Ride Extended」

A1. Beautiful (With Nomiya Maki)
A2. Love For Two
A3. Shinin' Beauty
B1. Kiss & Ride
B2. Hati Hati Ya! (With Eli)
B3. The Sweetest Time

Face the Music FMR-114
Out now (2/14), ¥1600 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

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