Nakatsuka Takeshi "53512010" (Download)

Nakatsuka Takeshi (Qypthone) has a new download-only album out now on iTunes! This album is a collaboration with men's fashion brand 5351 POUR LES HOMMES by Abahouse. When buying the full album, a bonus 42-minute non-stop mix is included.

A release party will be held on September 24 on board of Himiko, the spacey boat designed by Matsumoto Leiji. Details can be found on the official site.

Nakatsuka Takeshi "53512010" (Download)
中塚武 「53512010」

1. Sweet Moment
2. sagishi no Blues
3. You are the One
4. Afrocosmos
5. Cosmic Freeway
6. Space Age Hard-Core Music
8. A.D.5351
9. 5351 POUR LES HOMMES 2010 summer MIX

Out now (9/8), ¥1600

Find out more about: NAKATSUKA Takeshi

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Only iTunes? No officla CD release? And also, only iTunes Japan? :(

Posted by Damian on

Sorry for the late reply.
You can find this one on your country's iTunes too. :) No CD release seems planned, unfortunately.

Posted by Patrick on

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