Mr. Cockrobin "Drive"

Neo-Shibuya-kei girl unit Mr. Cockrobin has a first full album coming up! Said to sound like Pizzicato Five meets Flipper's Guitar, with vocals that remind of Nomiya Maki, the driving music album features special guests Iguchi Miho (Aprils), Hazel Nuts Chocolate drummer Fujimori Atsushi, and orangenoise shortcut's trombonist Saitō Tomoaki.

Mr. Cockrobin "Drive"

Mr. Cockrobin "Drive"1. Yokohama keisō
2. Patissier no yurikago
3. Game
4. Chocolate
5. Summer Siesta
6. Let's Spend the Night Together (cover of Original Love)
7. junjōkishi
8. Drive

Studio Rissen SRLR-006
Out 7/25, &1800
Order: Amazon, HMV

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This one sounds very interesting... a Neo-shibuya-kei sounding like P5? Will see ;) Waiting for your comments, Patrick!

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