Momoko Motion "Fake Food / Suppai Budou" (Download)

Momoko Motion (ex-Futon) has a new single out now digitally on iTunes, Spotify, etc. Contrasting with unit Re:Served and her previous works as Momokomotion which had electro sounds, her current solo project has a jazzy piano sound. Check out the clips below!

A CD edition is available in Japan at Disk Union.

On September 3 there will be a show held at Li-Po in Shibuya, part of an art event themed around Tom yum goong (the tasty Thai soup). The event goes on from 13:00 to 20:00, and Momoko Motion's show will be at 19:00. Entrance is 1000 yen, and a mini Tom yum goong plate will be given to the first 50 visitors.

Momoko Motion "Fake Food / Suppai Budou" (Download)
モモコモーション 「フェイクフード / すっぱい葡萄」

1. Fake Food
2. Suppai Budou

Out now (8/9)
Sample/buy: iTunes (World), iTunes (Japan), Spotify

"Fake Food"

"Suppai Budou"

Find out more about: Momokomotion

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