Milli Milli Bar "My Sweet Seventeen" (Download)

Milli Milli Bar (Twitter) is the new band featuring pianist/singer-songwriter Yafune Tetsurō and singer Mia Nascimento (ex-Especia), with bassist Hishikawa Kōtarō and Sugata Naoto. Already having played some shows in Tokyo (some of which can be watched on YouTube) and having built a nice repertory, here's finally a first release.

Upcoming shows include one on January 25 at Kitasandō Strobe Cafe (details) and one on February 2 at Kichijōji Rock Joint GB.

Milli Milli Bar "My Sweet Seventeen" (Download)
ミリミリバール 「My Sweet Seventeen」

Out now (1/19)
Sample/buy: ミリミリバール , Spotify

Live performance on November 15, 2017

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