Marxy "Forty Years From Now"

Marxy, an American artist based in Tokyo, has a 2nd album out now! One track features singer U.T from Kiiiiiii. Having loved his previous album "Kyoshu Nostalgia", which sounded to me like Cornelius meets the Beatles, I can't wait to check out this one.

Official release page at music related

Marxy "Forty Years From Now"

Marxy "Forty Years From Now"1. The Lincoln Brigades
2. See Saw
3. Slouching Towards Bethlehem
4. Cat vs. Mouse
5. Intro to Piano
6. To Save Ourselves
7. Broke Into Our Hearts
8. Tachikogi
9. (An Epistle to) Dippy Dave
10. Cotillion
11. The Ballad Of Poum (Traditional)
12. The Lincoln Battalions (Reprise)

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Out now
Order (U.S.): Special limited deal at music related, Other Music, Darla
Order (Japan): HMV, Warszawa
Order (download): Amazon U.S. (U.S. only), Marxy - Forty Years from Now

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the full album can be heard on

sounds great. it might be early to say, but i think it's his best album.

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