"Maru-chan no Shizuoka ondo"

This promotion song from the city of Shizuoka was written by Hosono Haruomi (YMO), produced by Cornelius, and it's sung by Pierre Taki (Denki Groove)! Anime character Chibi Maruko-chan's creator Sakura Momoko and also Pierre Taki both originate from this city.

This release comes with a DVD of video clips for the two songs included. (The B-side doesn't involve the same artists.)

"Maru-chan no Shizuoka ondo"

1. Maru-chan no Shizuoka ondo
2. Let's GO Shizuoka
3. Maru-chan no Shizuoka ondo (Original karaoke)
4. Let's GO Shizuoka (Original karaoke)

Warner WPZL-30651
Out now (7/17), ¥1600 (excl. tax)
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"Maru-chan no Shizuoka ondo"

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