Manon "Popcorn Crisis" (Download)

Here's a 4th song by Fukuoka-born half-French teenage model and singer Manon! This fun bouncy track is again produced by Yuppa (HNC), and the toybox-like video below was directed by VJ unit onnacodomo! The song is out now on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Manon can be seen live in Tokyo part of Shibukaru Matsuri, an event series that features up-and-coming female artists and creators. She will sing at the free opening party to be held on Friday October 20 at Shibuya Club Quattro from 17:00.

Manon "POPCORN CRISIS" (Download)

Caticorn Records
Out now (10/6)
Sample/buy: MANON「POPCORN CRISIS - Single」を Apple Music で, Amazon MP3 Japan, Amazon MP3 U.S., Spotify

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