Maika Loubté "Skydiver" (Cassette/Downoad)

Maika Loubté's new single "Skydiver" has been released as a limited cassette tape! It comes with a cool 64-page booklet with behind the scenes photos and then a lot more. A download code is also included.

Buy it at Jet Set, or otherwise look for the two tracks on iTunes, Amazon MP3, etc.

Maika Loubté "Skydiver" (Cassette/Download)

A. Skydiver
B. Le Gong

Out now (3/10), ¥1300 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Apple Music 内のMaika Loubté "SKYDIVER/LE GONG - Single", Amazon MP3 Japan, Amazon MP3 U.S.


"Le Gong"

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