Maezono Naoki Group "tooku e. Maezono Naoki Group dai2shu"

Maezono Naoki Group, the band in which Konishi Yasuharu plays piano, has a 2nd album coming this month! It's already been almost 2 years since their first. This time the trio (vocals, bass and piano) are joined by drums and trumpet, again covering various smooth songs from the 60-70's originally by the likes of Happy End, Misora Hibari, Sawada Kenji, Dark Ducks, etc., all songs in brand new arrangements.

The album comes on LP and CD, the LP being pressed as an "ever clean" record (using a process that protects it against dust), and the CD coming with 2 extra songs. Also check out the video below.

All songs can be sampled at Love Shop Record (the online shop of Maezono Naoki). Also check out the video below.

Maezono Naoki Group "tooku e. Maezono Naoki Group dai2shū"
前園直樹グループ 「遠くへ。前園直樹グループ第二集」

A1. hoshi ga itta yo
A2. tōku e ikitai
A3. nora neko
A4. kanashii sake
B1. natsu nan desu
B2. kimi o nosete
B3. yogiri yo konya mo arigatō
B4. yume de aimashō

1. hoshi ga itta yo
2. tōku e ikitai
3. nora neko
4. kanashii sake
5. yoake no Scat
6. natsu nan desu
7. kimi o nosete
8. yogiri yo konya mo arigatō
9. kyō wa sora ga ame de dekiteru
10. yume de aimashō

LP edition
Out 5/13, ¥2800
Order: Jet Set, Tower (Japan only)

CD edition
Out 5/25, ¥2500
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, Tower (Japan only)

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