Love and Hates "L.A.H."

Love and Hates, the girl party unit of Yuppa (HNC) and Moe (Miila and the Geeks) has finally a first album coming, after several cassettes that all sold out almost instantly! 17 tracks are included, totaling 36 minutes (2:07 average). Featured are a number of impressive collaborations, with Kaji Hideki, Luvraw & BTB, Afra, Twee Grrrls Club (indie girl collective Yuppa and Moe are both part of) and The Pegasuss (a band singed to Yuppa's White Lily Records).

The album is being released at the same time on CD and 12". Actually the 12" comes with a CD of all the tracks, which should make this option the definite winner for most indie-pop fans. Pre-order yours early at Jet Set.

Love and Hates "L.A.H."

1. Intro
2. L.A.H.
3. Party Trash
4. Eeny Meeny ft. Luvraw & BTB
5. Kung-Fu Ripping ft. Afra
6. Money
7. Young And Rich
8. Genius
9. Wooper Looper
10. Up For A Bit With TGC ft. Twee Grrrls Club
11. Mahna Mahna ft. Hideki Kaji
12. Crash
13. Kung-fu Ripping (Original)
14. Vinyl Days
15. The Drum ft. The Pegasuss
16. Hate
17. Outro

Limited LP edition (includes CD)
White Lily Records WLLP-001
Out 12/7, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

CD edition
White Lily Records DQC-817
Out 12/7, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records , Intro - L.A.H.
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Kung-Fu Ripping feat. Afra"

"L.A.H." Trailer

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