Learners "More Learners"

Learners, the 5-piece rockabilly band featuring Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji and singer Sara Mary, has a brand new 2nd album being released this week! Included are many covers, and also 3 original songs.

A release party will be held on February 10 at Shindaita Fever. Tickets are on sale. Find details here.

Learners "More Learners"

(Original artists in parentheses)
1. Good Morning Learners!
2. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Frankie Lemon & The Teenagers)
3. Water The Flowers
4. Go Away Don't Bother Me (Collins Kids)
5. Let Me In (The Sensations)
6. Saint Tropez Blues (Marie LaforĂȘt)
7. I Want Candy (The Strangeloves, Bow Wow Wow)
8. Love Your Money (Daisy Chainsaw)
9. Denise (Randy The Rainbows, Blondie)
10. Moonlight Revue 50's
11. Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline)
12. Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny, Brian Setzer)

KiliKiliVilla KKV-37
Out 1/31, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"Water The Flowers"

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