Kirinji "inore norou na", "namida ni akireta" (Download, 7")

Kirinji have a new song now available exclusively on iTunes Japan. Another one is set to be released digitally on June 27. Both will also later be released on 7" from Jet Set on July 7, which can already be pre-ordered. Find all details on these below.

Kirinji "inore norou na" (Download)
キリンジ 「祈れ呪うな」

Columbia COKM-31287
Out now (5/30), ¥250
Sample/buy: 祈れ呪うな - 祈れ呪うな - Single

Kirinji "namida ni akireta" (Download)
キリンジ 「涙にあきれた」

Columbia COKM-31287
Out 6/27, ¥250
Sample/buy: 涙にあきたら - 涙にあきたら - Single

Kirinji "inore norou na / namida ni akireta" (7")

A. inore norou na
B. nimida ni akireta

Columbia / Jet Set
Out 7/7, ¥1470
Order: Jet Set

"inore norou na"

"namida ni akitara"

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