Kinoco Hotel "kainarasarenai onnatachi ~ jikkyou rokuonban" (2CD+DVD)

Kinoco Hotel has released a new live album of their 10th anniversary show that was held on June 24, 2017 at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo. The packages includes 2 CDs (totaling 96 min.) and a DVD (of about 78 min.). Instrumental song "asayake no tōbōsha" is released for the first time.

Kinoco Hotel's next show in Tokyo will be on February 10 at Shimokitazawa Club Que, where Kinoco Hotel and KiNGONS will each play a 75-minute set. Tickets are on sale via e+ and Club Que. Also check out Kinoco Hotel's full schedule here.

Kinoco Hotel "kainarasarenai onnatachi ~ jikkyō rokuonban" (2CD+DVD)
キノコホテル 「飼い慣らされない女たち~実況録音盤」

CD 1
1. onedari Strange Love
2. kyūtai kansetsu
3. atashi no Sniper
4. F no junkai
5. ai wa gebageba
6. akuma na Fuzz
7. kaerazaru umi
8. kōya e
9. tsuki yo tokoshie ni
10. shiroi heya
11. moetsukitai no

CD 2
1. aijin kyōhan sekai
2. Sexaroid M
3. Kinoco no toriko
4. #84
5. Kinoco Hotel shōka
6. Go Go Kinoco Hotel
7. koi wa moyamoya
8. asayake no tōbōsha
9. makka na Jelly

DVD (Region 2 NTSC)
1. SE ~ kai naresarenai onnatachi
2. onedari Strange Love
3. atashi no Sniper
4. F no junkai
5. akuma na Fuzz
6. kōya e
7. tsuki yo tokoshie ni
8. moetsukitai no
9. ai to kyōiku
10. Sexaroid M
11. Kinoco no toriko
12. #84
13. Kinoco Hotel shōka
14. Go Go Kinoco Hotel
15. makka na Jelly

King Records KIZC-441
Out now (1/17), ¥5556 (excl. tax)
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I wonder if there will be a vinyl release... probably for Record Store Day, like all of theirs... why can't they just release them regularly?

Posted by Patrick on

i was going to ask what you think they might do for RSD this year! if they do this set i'm not even sure they can fit it on a double vinyl set; perhaps last year's "self-covers" album is more likely? i love this live package, by the way! long may they continue!

Posted by daniel on

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