Kinbara Chieko "Summer Love"

Kinbara Chieko, whose latest release was collaboration/remix album "Love & Respect" last October, has yet another remix album coming up. It features new remixes by artists such as Kaskade, Sugiurumn, and Grant Nelson, and also what seems to be new collaboration songs with rinocerose and Coldfeet.
A bit unfortunate is that it appears to contain three tracks that appeared on "Love & Respect".

Out on the same day is a first live DVD!

Kinbara Chieko "Summer Love"
金原千恵子 「Summer Love」

(Working title(?): "Sun Shower")

KINBARA Chieko "Summer Love"1. If You Only (Rasmus Faber Remix)
2. Summer Love (Anthony Nicholson Remix)
3. Rinocerose / Cubicle
4. Heart Of Fire (Kiko Navaro Remix)
5. Stay With Me (Kaskade Remix)
6. Cold Feet / Moove Over
7. For Your Love (Eric Kupper Remix)
8. El Caravanero (Sugiurum Remix)
9. Strings Of Life (Tigerstripes Remix)
10. Time To Love (Grant Nelson Remix)

Grand Gallery GRGA-0032
Out 6/20, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, HMV

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