Isabelle Antena "French Riviera"

French singer Isabelle Antena (myspace) has a new album coming up featuring collaborations with Fukutomi Yukihiro, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Sunaga Tatsuo, Yoshizawa Hajime, Jazztronik, Fujimoto Kazuma (Orange Pekoe), Okii Reiji (ex-Cymbals) and Yasuda Yoshiyuki.

Isabelle Antena "French Riviera"
イザベル・アンテナ 「フレンチ・リヴィエラ 」

Isabelle Antena "French Riviera"1. The French Riviera
2. Just For You And Me
3. Sunshine Express
4. Brazillian Dorian Dream
5. All For The Music
6. Histoire A Paris
7. Fly Away
8. Like There's No Tomorrow
9. Dans Le Jardan D'Eden
10. Under The Moonlight

Gate GAGJ-0018
Out 9/20, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon, Isabelle Antena - French Riviera

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The picture of little Isabelle was also used for the first Antena release in 1982 ('The Boy from Ipanema'). It's on the back of the sleeve together with childphotos of the other two Antena members in those days; Pascal Moiroud and Sylvain Fasy.
Over the years Isabelle has released lots of great music. It really is an impressive repertoire but the early recordings by Antena as a trio have always been my favourites. I think their 'Camino del Sol' is one of the most charming records ever!

Posted by Te¥o on

Thanks for the info! I'll definitely have to check out more of her music!

Posted by Patrick on

For the 'Boy from Ipanema' cover, see:
As a fan I'm pleased that 'Camino del Sol' has had some re-releases including many bonustracks. It's great how the early Antena has been discovered again by a new generation. Permanent Vacation records is about to release a new edition of the album with remixes only!

Posted by Te¥o on

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