Hoshino Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage"

After 7" singles being released every month, here finally comes a full-length album from Hoshino Michiru. The whole is again produced by Hase Hajimu and Satō Seiki (Microstar), which promises a groovy pop journey with touches of spacey synths. Four of the songs here are previously unreleased, while the rest were released earlier on 7" only.

A limited 12" vinyl edition of the album has also been released, a week ahead of the CD.

On July 27, a premium show will be held at Club Asia in Shibuya with Wack Wack Rhythm Band as a backband, and DJs Konishi Yasuharu, Nishidera Gōta (Nona Reeves), Kubota Takeshi, Hase Hajimu and more, as well as VJ Sally Kubota.

Hoshino Michiru "E-I-E-N Voyage"
星野みちる 「E・I・E・N VOYAGE」

1. Moonlight ni sasowarete
2. koi no Funfair
3. ame no naka no Dreamer
4. rakuen to kisetsufū
5. kono michi de
6. Satellite
7. hanashite,,,
8. kanata e
10. seikan renrakusen
11. Wish on a Starry Night
12. Magic Hour

Regular edition (CD)
High Contrast HCCD-9548
Out 7/16, ¥2700 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Limited analog edition (12" vinyl)
High Contrast HCR-9664
Out now (7/9), ¥3000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"seikan renrakusen ~Night Voyage~"


"Wish on a Starry Night"

Album trailer

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