Hoshino Michiru "12 signs of the zodiac"

Hoshino Michiru has a new album out now! "12 signs of the zodiac" contains three new songs from singles "kagami no naka no watashi" and "nagareboshi Rendez-vous" (with also B-side "kyōkaisenjō no futari") released just last month, plus 9 brand new tracks!

Rapper Kaseki Cider appears on one song, while producers and musicians include Hase Hajimu, Satō Seiki (microstar), Okii Reiji (Tweedees, ex-Cymbals), Arai Toshiya (Count Joke), Gary Ashiya (La veuve moustachue), Blue Peppers, and more.

An in-store event with mini-live will be held at Pied Piper House in Tower Records Shibuya (5F) on Saturday June 24 from 19:00 (details). Then the next day, Sunday June 25, there will be a show at Vivid Sound Studio (details).

Hoshino Michiru "12 signs of the zodiac"
星野みちる 「黄道十二宮」

(Japanese title: "kōdō junikyū")

1. Unstable Girl
2. kagami no naka no watashi
4. kirai yo
5. kaze o fukasete
6. kyōkaisenjō no futari feat. Kaseki Cider
7. shūichi Romance
8. ki ga tsukeba Looking for your love
9. motto motto motto
10. itsuka Friends Again
11. anettai toshi
12. nagareboshi Rendez-vous

Vivid Sound / High Contrast HCCD-9588
Out 6/21, ¥2800 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

"nagareboshi Rendez-vous"

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Hopefully there will be a vinyl release of this at some point. I will keep checking at Jet Set Records!

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