Hiroshi & Eve "Tin Tin / Give me ah-ray!!" (7")

Hiroshi & Eve "Tin Tin / Give me ah-ray!!"Ban Hiroshi (aka Ban-chan, Bambino) is back with a new 7" single together with a female vocalist named Eve. Included are two covers, of James Brown's "I got you" and The Specials' "Little bitch", with original Japanese lyrics.

The whole is produced by Osaka DJ Groove Unchant (who produced dahlia's latest album "Beautiful But Noir"), mixed and mastered by Tanaka Tomonao (novaFASE).

Hiroshi & Eve "Tin Tin / Give me ah-ray!!" (7")
ヒロシ&EVE 「Tin Tin / Give me ah-ray!!」

A. Tin Tin (I Got You)
B. Give me ah-ray!! (Little Bitch)

Unchantable UCT-003
Out now (4/12), ¥1200 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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