Higurashi Aiha "Platonic"

Although her solo works hadn't quite caught my attention so far, ex-Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Higurashi Aiha's new album seems like it will be a winner!
Producers include Sunahara Yoshinori (ex-Denki Groove), Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Asa-chang, Hatori Miho (ex-Cibo Matto), Nakamura Kōji (ex-Supercar), Aoki Yū (downy) and Zak.
There will be a limited edition.

Also, Higurashi Aiha will be performing live at Marquee Night vol.4.

Sound samples of most songs here

Higurashi Aiha "Platonic"
日暮愛葉 「Platonic」

2. Platonic
3. Living source
4. Naked Sun
5. till the time comes
6. Secrets
7. evergreen
8. Joy
9. fall apart
10. mermaid
11. Silly Girl (Album ver.)
12. Dead Horse
13. Good Morning Everyone

Ki/oon KSCL-825
Out 5/25, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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I saw this music video at Kinokuniya (local J-book store) the other day. It was very very strange, musically I couldn't really figure out what was going on... it was sort of r&b and sort of... not! any idea who produced the single?

Posted by Pete Ellison on

The latest single "Silly Girl" is produced by Zak and herself. I'm not sure who that is.

Here are the producers for each track.

1. Asa-chang
3. SUNAHARA Yoshinori
5. AOKI Yū
6. HATORI Miho
8. AOKI Yū
10. OYAMADA Keigo
11. Zak with HIGURASHI Aiha

The rest is produced by HIGURASHI Aiha.

Posted by Patrick on

Zak is from Buffalo Daughter!

Posted by Pete Ellison on

Ah! A search revealed that's their engineer. I only ever knew of the three main members: Mooog, Yumiko and Sugar.
Thanks for the info! :)

Posted by Patrick on

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