Haru-sama Roro-sama Dylan-sama

Halcali will perform a rare full live set at Shibuya Club Quattro on December 21! They will share the stage with kuchiroro, to who they lent their vocal talents on the recent album "Golden Love", and also Shibuya-kei-related unit Hoff Dylan.

Haru-sama Roro-sama Dylan-sama
ハルさま ロロさま ディランさま

on 12/21
at Shibuya Club Quattro

Hoff Dylan

Opens at 18:00, starts at 19:00
Price: adv. ¥3990 (e+, Pia 271-037), door ¥4490, + 1 drink
Pre-reserve at e+ until September 30 (¥250 service fee)

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Ah cool!

Posted by Joseph on

i never really thought of hoff dylan as shibuya-kei related, but i guess their origins might go that way (friends with members of tokyo no.1 soul set, schadaparr?)

Posted by rachael on

I wouldn't go as far as saying they're Shibuya-kei themselves, but yeah I do feel that they're quite related to the scene. :)

Posted by Patrick on

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