Hamada Maron "Lady Monochrome"

This is singer Hamada Maron's 3rd album, her first since switching to the Vivid Sound label a year ago. Included is single "KarisomenaErosTokimeku", and an album version of "kisetsu meguredo" which was also released as a single last month. Check out the sampler clip below.

A release party will be held at Asakusa Golden Tiger on Friday February 3rd from 19:00. The first drink is ¥1000, and you pay as you like for the show.

Hamada Maron "Lady Monochrome"
浜田マロン 「レディ・モノクローム」

1. KarisomenaErosTokimeku
2. tsukiyo ni koboreru wa aa
3. saigo no bansan
4. kuroi ichigo
6. kisetsu meguredo
7. ikiru nō ga subete
8. oji ni tsugu, hime iwaku
9. Spotlight ni terasarete
10. Jacaranda no hana

Vivid Sound VSCD-7620
Out 1/25, ¥2500 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only


Sampler clip

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Here's hoping for a vinyl release soon!

Posted by Patrick on

Why doesn't Vivid Sounds release their music on iTunes? I don't see this on iTunes in Japan (nor is Aya Nakono's latest from 2015)...

Posted by Patrick on

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