Halcali "Tokyo Groove"

Halcali is finally back this month with a new album! The previous was "Cyborg oretachi" 3 years ago.

This time we are treated to 2 CDs of 8 songs each. The first contains original songs, and the other all covers. The attentive fan may have heard about half of the total, although some songs are included in alternate versions. Featured producers on the new tracks include 2 MC/1 DJ unit Mellow Yellow, Ram Rider, Tokyo No.1 Soul Set, Suneohair and Aida Shigekazu.

Some audio samples can be heard on this official page at Sony. Also check out the previous videos below.

Halcali "Tokyo Groove"

Disc 1 (Original Songs)
1. Long Kiss Good Bye
2. kaminari Girl
3. mabataki
4. Yes
5. tears of love
6. Zig Zag Saturday Night
7. Endless Night
8. Halcali Tokyo Groove Two Turntable Mix

Disc 2 (Cover Songs)
1. My Sweet Darlin' feat. Yaida Hitomi
2. konya wa Boogie Back
3. Re: yasashii kimochi (Album ver.)
4. ai no tame ni
5. ai
6. suki suki Song
7. Lucky Pool
8. You May Dream (Halcali ver.)

Epic/Sony ESCL-3453
Out 5/26, ¥2914 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV

"Long Kiss Good Bye"

"Endless Night"

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I quite like the first CD, the one with original songs... I've never been to kind on halcali 'cause I don't really like hip-hop, but this new album sound mucho more 'pop', even it reminds me of Puffy at a certain point...

Posted by Damian on

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