Halcali "Tip Taps Tip"

Halcali is back with a new single after a label switch over to Epic Records.

The single is produced by their usual O.T.F. (members of Rip Slyme), (<- sorry, this was a mistake!) and at least the title track is written by Manuel of Errors artist Tanaka Yūsuke, friend of the Escalator scene who arranged Yuki's great track "Joy". The song will also be used as the opening ending theme for anime Eureka Seven.
There will be a limited edition of the single.

Halcali "Tip Taps Tip"Halcali "Tip Taps Tip"

1. Tip Taps Tip
2. halcali'n'bass
3. pisudori
4. Tip Taps Tip (Instrumental)

Epic ESCL-2746
Out 12/7, ¥1165 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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I assume you are right that they switched labels considering various presumed problems I assume they had with For Life

-- though frequently soundtracks are tied by contract to a label from before the music talent is chosen, so it depends on the creative control of the actual project team if they can get the outside talent that they want and that the talent can negotiate to appear on another label.

On the other hand if you see a Halcali page (not just a page about the anime soundtrack) on the Epic site then they indeed are with that label

Posted by ndkent on

You're right that a soundtrack-related release wouldn't necessarily mean a label switch.

I got that piece of information from news bits from different sources.

Posted by Patrick on

Just a minor correction - Tip Taps Tip is the third _ending_ song in Eureka Seven.

Posted by Yenya on

Thanks, fixed.

Posted by Patrick on

Thanks to be so precise !

Posted by Long kiss on

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