Halcali "Slalom '06" (Download)

There's good and bad news. The good news is that Halcali will be releasing a download-only exclusive seasonal track each month for the next three months!
The bad news is for iPod users (and many others), as Halcali's label is Sony and these are only available as downloads in ATRAC format (NetMD/Walkman) on their annoying bitmusic store (and some alternatives) and for mobile phones...

So in December we get "Slalom '06", a new version of "Slalom '03" that was on the "Strawberry Chips" single (get it at Recohan!), music is by Handsomeboy Technique! In January will be a New Year's song, and in February will be a song for Valentine's day (titles haven't yet been announced).

Halcali "Slalom '06"Halcali "Slalom '06" (Download)

Epic/Sony ESXX-210 (Track 1)
Out 12/1, ¥210
Sample: Sony (click the corresponding blue ใ€Œ่ฆ–่ดใ€ button)
Buy for PC (ATRAC): bitmusic, mora
Buy for mobile phone: Go to http://www.halcali.com/ or use the QR code below


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