Halcali "Halcalimix"

Halcali's first remix album will contain remixes by OTF, Halfby, Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto), Ishino Takkyū (Denki Groove), Okamura Yasuyuki, and more!
Some of the tracks have been previously released on Halcali's singles, but some are brand new.

Halcali "Halcalimix"
ハルカリ 「ハルカリミックス」

Halcali "Halcalimix"1. Tandem (Mutable Chromosome Remix) (by Honda Yuka)
2. Electric sensei (electric body sensei mix) (by Ishino Takkyū)
3. Strawberry Chips (fascinate mix) (by Okamura Yasuyuki)
4. girigiri Surf Rider (Half Rider remix) (by Halfby)
5. nifuku hoshi (Force of Nature remix)
6. Marching March (K.U.D.O. remix)
7. ai (from Magokoro Covers) (by Kohei Japan (Mellow Yellow))
8. Peek-A-Boo (DJ Mitsu the Beats remix) (by Gagle)
9. Styly Styly (Hiroshi Kawanabe remix) (by Kawanabe Hiroshi (Tokyo No.1 Soul Set))
10. Baby Blue! (Baby Blue Is Good Mix) (by Your Song Is Good)
11. Halcali Beat Edition (Halfby mix)

For Life FLCF-4052
Out 3/16, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Halcali > all. They're AWESOME! <3
I've got everythign that i can of Halcali's stuff and still want more. All thats missing in my collection is 3 Magazines featuring HALCALI and i've just bought those and theyre shipping! ^_^

<33333 Haruka and Yukari <333

Posted by Rawr on

I got a little shocked and a little stung by their last album but this promises to be a bit more interesting. Now i've just got to get my mitts on it.

Posted by jariten on

A few remixes I had heard already, but I was pleased by several of the tracks. OKAMURA Yasuyuki and Your Song Is Good's remixes are especially fun, taking the original song into something else.

Keep up your good work with the Halcali fan blog!

Posted by Patrick on

I finally got hold of it and i've got to admit that I liked it. Which surprised me, because I usually hate remixes. Nice gold cover too!

Posted by jariten on

Wait - which one are OTF remixes?

Posted by jordi on

I think there is no OTF remix on there. OTF produced most of the original versions of these songs though.

Posted by Patrick on

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