Halcali "Girl! Girl! Girl!" (Download)

I had almost forgotten about Halcali's 3rd seasonal offering, following "Slalom '06" (produced by Handsomeboy Technique) and "2 Higher Clap 007" (produced by Cubismo Grafico). It was announced today and is available right now for download.

The new song is themed around Valentine's Day, and is written and arranged by Nakatsuka Takeshi (Qypthone) with words by Nomiya Maki!
Halcali, Nakatsuka Takeshi and Nomiya Maki, that's three good reasons to tolerate Sony's ATRAC format, the only way the song is made available for the time being.

Halcali "Slalom '06"Halcali "Girl! Girl! Girl!" (Download)

Epic/Sony ESXX-210 (Track 3)
Out now (2/1), ¥210
Sample: Sony (click the corresponding blue ใ€Œ่ฆ–่ดใ€ button)
Buy for PC (ATRAC): bitmusic, mora
Buy for mobile phone: Go to http://www.halcali.com/ or use the QR code below


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