Halcali "Baby Blue"

Teenage girl hip-hop unit Halcali has a new single coming out soon called "Baby Blue!", produced by O.T.F. (Oshare Track Factory, producer unit of guys from Rip Slyme).

Their Web site has a special preview page as odd as the ones for the previous singles. Hit the turntable's "Stop/Start" button to make them pick an apple. The one that says "試聴" lets you sample the two songs from the new single.

Halcali "Baby Blue!"Halcali "Baby Blue!"

Track list
1. Baby Blue!
2. Find A Way
3. Baby Blue! (futaritomo inai Version)

For Life FLCF-7090
Out 10/20, ¥1000 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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