Hazel Nuts Chocolate is back with a 3rd album as HNC! Yuppa said somewhere that you can call her "H.N.C." or any old names you got used to. As heard on some demo tracks at MySpace, she continues doing fun danceable electro sounds while heading in some new directions, one of which seeming to be that she sings only in English. Without a doubt this sounds like we're in for a lot of fun and surprises!

Lately she has also been active with her 2-girl DJ unit Love and Hates that appears on one track of the album. The unit has been releasing "mix tapes" (in the real sense, cassette tapes) at Jet Set Records, which always sell out quickly. Jet Set does offer a bonus something when buying "CULT" with them.

The album is out in advance at iTunes!


HNC "CULT"1. Introduction
2. Kitten's Breaks (shout. Love and Hates)
3. Witches' Party
4. Moon Song
5. Next M (shout. Miila)
6. Girl Things
7. Arabian Nights
8. Kira-Kira
9. Figure Shout (Mix by Hidenobu Ito)
10. Kitten's Breaks Dub (reconstruct by HiBiKi MaMeShiBa)
11. Girls Don't Cry (F**cked up by TBA)
12. Mango
13. A Troll's Dream

Out 12/2, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set, CDJapan, YesAsia, Amazon, HMV, HNC - CULT

Love and Hates performing "Kitten's Breaks" live

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Je ne dirais qu'une chose: c'est pas trop tôt! Depuis le temps qu'elle en parlait sur son myspace :o
J'ai hâte qu'il sorte!

Posted by aza on

En effet!! :) Moi aussi je n'en peux plus d'attendre!

Posted by Patrick on

Idem que aza. :)

J'ai écouté les extraits sur son myspace & c'est vraiment génial! :) Seul "A Troll's Dream" n'est pas encore écoutable & avec un nom pareil j'ai vraiment hâte!! ♥

Souci du détail : le nom du duo DJs est LOVE AND HATES, il n y a pas de "S" à "LOVE". ;) (super combo que sont les LOVE AND HATES aussi d'ailleurs :D / I ♥ THEM)

Posted by Camille on

Merci, c'est corrigé! :)

Posted by Patrick on

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