GAKU-MC/Sakurai Kazutoshi "te o dasu na!"

This upcoming collaboration single between GAKU-MC (East End) and Sakurai Kazutoshi (Mr. Children) will feature beats by Halfby and a remix by Fukutomi Yukihiro. The track is described as a soccer cheering song.

GAKU-MC/SAKURAI Kazutoshi "te o dasu na!"GAKU-MC/Sakurai Kazutoshi "te o dasu na!"
GAKU-MC/桜井和寿 「手を出すな!」

1. te o dasu na
2. te o dasu na (Remixed by Fukutomi Yukihiro)
3. te o dasu na (Remixed by DJ ajapai0

Toy's Factory TFCC-89173
Out 5/31, ¥1143 (excl. tax)
Order: Play-Asia, Amazon

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Hey Patrick! How's it going? Getting caught up on your blog, haven't visited in a while. I saw the video for this song here at Kinokuniya and I thought I should mention the song uses some pretty big samples from "William The First" by Mighty Dub Katz (aka Fatboy Slim, Pizzaman, Etc), its the b-side to "Let The Drums Speak" on Southern Fried.

Posted by Pete on

Hey Pete! Doing good thanks!
Interesting find! And I just realized that Pizzaman = Fatboy Slim, wow.

Posted by Patrick on

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