Furukawa Miki "Bondage Heart-Remixes"

Ex-Supercar singer and bassist Furukawa Miki (MySpace) has a remix album out last month featuring Sunahara Yoshinori, iLL (also ex-Supercar), De De Mouse, Tanaka Fumiya and many more.

Furukawa Miki "Bondage Heart-Remixes"
フルカワミキ 「Bondage Heart-Remixes」

1. B.B.W. (remixed by The Apples in stereo)
2. Freaky Rider (remixed by Aa (a.k.a. Big A Little A))
3. C.Stereo (remixed by Jimanica)
4. Jonathan (remixed by Daedelus)
5. Luminous Wind (remixed by Kudu)
6. Jet Coaster (remixed by Salmon)
7. Blue no Swallow (remixed by iLL)
8. La La La (remixed by GONNO)
9. Long Hair (remixed by Y.Sunahara)
10. B.B.W. (Star & You mix) (remixed by DE DE MOUSE)
11. Oct.24 (remixed by Ametsub)
12. C.Stereo (remixed by Fumiya Tanaka)
13. ...Mr.X (remixed by pal@pop) (Special Download)

Heartfast HFCD-0005
Out now (5/13), ¥2191 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, Amazon, HMV

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