Furukawa Honpo "Alice in wonderword"

Furukawa Honpo, the solo unit of Vocaloid-style producer Furukawa P, has a first album coming that will feature various vocalists. While most seems to have a standard J-pop tone, there are tracks sung by Nomiya Maki and Kahimi Karie (both funnily singing different versions of the same song, "Piano Lesson") that can hardly be ignored. Check out the sample clip below (Kahimi's song is first, and Maki's is last).

Furukawa Honpo "Alice in wonderword"
古川本舗 「Alice in wonderword」

1. Piano Lesson feat. Kahimi Karie
2. mugs feat. 630
3. CRAWL feat. acane_madder
4. Good Morning EMMA Sympson feat. Madoka Ueno
5. envy. feat. Hoshino Nanako (from yurushikute♪)
6. guriguri megane to gekkōchū feat. Kuwagata P
7. 3gatsu wa yoru no soko feat. Kakin
8. Doors feat. Erusi
9. Super Nova feat. Mikito
10. Moonside e yōkoso feat. Chibita
11. Alice feat. Haigō Meiko
12. Piano Lesson feat. Nomiya Maki with BaguettesEnsemble

Balloom DGLA-10004
Out 6/15, ¥2191 (excl. tax)
Order: CDJapan, YesAsia, Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, Tower Records
† Tower Records ships within Japan only

Sample digest clip
(Kahimi Karie at 0:10, Nomiya Maki at 3:43)

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They're both great! Been a long time since I heard new vocals from both of them.

Posted by Fuducky on

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