Fukutomi Yukihiro "equality"

DJ/remixer/producer Fukutomi Yukihiro has a new album coming out soon!

The album will feature a bunch of guest vocalists (see track list) as well as musicians from Orange Pekoe, Sleep Walker, Dimension/Jafrosax, and more.

Fukutomi Yukihiro "equality"
福富幸宏 「equality」

Track list
FUKUTOMI Yukihiro "equality"1. equality feat. Rich Medina
2. peace feat. Lady Alma
3. all over the world feat. Victor Davies
4. love is to blame feat. Isabelle Antena and Ernesto
5. cat and mouse feat. Ernesto
6. killing time
7. is it...
8. road to nowhere
9. the tambour
10. continueous function
11. equality part. 2 feat. Rich Medina
12. hooked feat. Lady Alma

File FRCD-126
Out 10/28, ¥2600 (excl. tax)
Order: Amazon

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