Fujisawa Shiho "Happy Hour" Release Party

Girl DJ/trackmaker Fujisawa Shiho (MySpace) offers us this release party to celebrate her first album "Happy Hour"!

Featured will be a live show with 5 female vocalists from the album, with support from Yoshida Tetsuto, Iwaya Shigeru (Groovy Sauce), Ishigaki Kentarō (Qypthone), and a crazy line-up of DJs with Shiho herself, Kamiya Naoaki (Boot Beat), the "Joke" crew and more.

Not to be missed!

Fujisawa Shiho "Happy Hour" Release Party
藤澤志保 「Happy Hour」 Release Party

on 5/4 (Sunday — next day is a holiday)
at Shibuya Seco Lounge (map)

FUJISAWA Shiho Happy Hour Release Party 藤澤志保FUJISAWA Shiho Happy Hour Release Party 藤澤志保
Guest Live
Fujisawa Shiho feat.
  Okada Kyōko
  Shōno Juli
  Ōkawara Izumi (Qypthone)
  Maiko Ueoku
  Iwatani Shigeru
  Yoshida Tetsuto
  Ishigaki Kentarō

Fujisawa Shiho
Kamiya Naoaki (Boot Beat)
Fujimoto Yō (Joke)
Yone (Joke)
saki (Joke)
ippei (noite..)
NEW163 (209)
Fukuda Yoshinari (cafe croix)
DJ Kyotaro (209)

VJ: Superposition

Sponsor: Chateaudisc Co., Ltd

From 23:00 until 5:00
Price: w/ flyer (print out image above) ¥2000 (w/ 1 drink), reg. ¥2500 (w/ 1 drink)

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