Fujisawa Shiho "Happy Hour"

Tokyo's indies club scene's girl DJ and trackmaker, Fujisawa Shiho (MySpace), offers us a first full-length album featuring vocals by the likes of Pecombo and Qypthone's Izumi. Included is the single "Colorful na kimochi" that was released as a 12" E.P. last month, containing 3 different versions of the song.

The album features scratches by Kawanishi Suguru, and the whole is mixed and mastered by Yoshida Tetsuto (Readymade)!

Tokyo's up-and-coming female DJ and trackmaker Fujisawa Shiho succeeds showing her skills on this first album. Melodious happy vocal house songs with groovy deep bass lines —such as "Happy Hour", "My Town" and "Swingin' Love"— are interleaved with instrumental jazz breakbeats tracks that prove she ranks way up there with Boot Beat, Kawanishi Suguru and Halfby. The cover of Pizzicato Five's "Drinking Wine" featuring scat vocal group Pecombo is also wonderful. Fans of any of the above, and of the otome house "genre" recently popularized by Towa Tei, don't miss this!

Audio samples at MySpace

Fujisawa Shiho "Happy Hour"
藤澤志保 「Happy Hour」

FUJISAWA Shiho 藤澤志保 "Happy Hour"1. Happy Hour feat. hiro:n
2. a note from sky feat. Okada Kyōko
3. Uniting of Gene
4. kimi to iru basho de feat. Shōno Juli
5. Drum Crazy for DJ
6. Table ni hitobin no Wine feat. Pecombo
7. Swingin' Love feat. Okada Kyoko
8. Music Rainbow
9. Everything is alright! feat. Ōkawara Izumi (Qypthone)
10. Colorful na kimochi feat. Shōno Juli
11. Trip of Beat
12. My Town feat. Maiko Ueoku
13. Sunny Days feat. Okada Kyoko

eat records XQEN-1001
Out 4/23, ¥2000 (excl. tax)
Order: YesAsia, Amazon, HMV

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I'm really in love with this album! What a fantastic discovery! If this girl had released this album in 1997/1998, she'd be one of the shibuya-kei goddess!!

Patrick, don't you think that track 7, Swingin' Love, sounds like somehting out from Les 5-4-3-2-1's album La Ronde?

Posted by Damian on

Glad that you like it so much! I see what you mean about the track that sounds like Les 5-4-3-2-1. It probably has to do with those strings-like warm keyboards. :) Btw I can't wait to see Les 5 next month!

I think my favorite track from this album is "My Town".

Posted by Patrick on

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