Fujisawa Shiho "Funky Girl"

Girl DJ/trackmaker Fujisawa Shiho is already back with a 2nd album! Features vocalists Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji (Cubismo Grafico), hiro:n, Shōno Juri, Okada Kyōko, and more. Mixed and mastered by Yoshida Tetsuto.

Jet Set offers a bonus promo only 7" while supplies last, containing the Cubismo Grafico track and "Magical Smile", plus a promo CD with one self-remix of the title track! Go order now!

Audio samples at Jet Set, and also see the cute digest music video below!

Review: It hasn't been a year since "Happy Hour", and Shiho-chan is back again with another fun album full of happy club-pop tracks! Included are upbeat pop songs such as title track "Funky Girl" and "You Are My Sunshine", vocoder tracks "Magical Smile" and "You & Me" sung by herself, "boku de aru tame ni" featuring Matsuda "Chabe" Gakuji, and the great "Never Forget Me" which reminded me of Chiwaki Mayumi's "Erotic & Pain" album. While mostly vocal, the album also includes a few instrumentals, this time blending with the rest of the songs more homogeneously than the jazzy ones on her previous album. Super cute jacket too!

Fujisawa Shiho "Funky Girl"

FUJISAWA Shiho "Funky Girl" 藤澤志保1. Sweet Rain Drops
3. C'mon BOY
4. You Are My Sunshine
7. LUV & MSC
8. Sentimentalizm
9. boku de aru tame ni
10. YOU & ME
11. Freesia
12. Never Forget Me
13. sekai ni tatta hitotsu no koi ga owatta

eat records XQEN-1003
Out 1/28, ¥2300 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set (bonus 7" while supplies last!), Play-Asia, Amazon, HMV, 藤澤志保 - FUNKY☆GIRL (Japan, US, etc.)

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