Fujisawa Shiho "Colorful na kimochi E.P." (12")

Fujisawa Shiho is a female DJ and trackmaker having previously contributed to Nakatsuka Takeshi's "Groovy Sauce" series, and who is resident DJ at Organ b.'s "Bistro Jazz" party.

This time she has a new 12" EP coming up next week, ahead of an album to be released next April! The fun electro-club-pop A-side features vocalist Shōno Juli. Included are also two 12"-only versions, a jazzy mix together with rapper Daijun, and a remix by Iwaya Shigeru à la French electro-house. Super cute artwork too! 45 RPM.

FUJISAWA Shiho "Colorful na kimochi" 藤澤志保 「カラフルな気持ち」Audio samples at Fujisawa Shiho's MySpace

Fujisawa Shiho "Colorful na kimochi" (12")
藤澤志保 「カラフルな気持ち」

A1. Colorful na kimochi feat. Shōno Juli
B1. Colorful na kimochi feat. Daijun
B2. Colorful na kimochi feat. Iwaya Shigeru

Ear Records ER-0006
Out 2/16, ¥1280 (excl. tax)
Order: Jet Set

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